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Our servers have built-in security

Unlike many shared hosting providers we don’t just shut down your site when you’ve been hacked. We are constantly working in the background, actively protecting your site by stopping malicious PHP scripts. Our innovative scanning technology makes any web application much safer.

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Business Professionals need robust, reliable and secure hosting – from architecture, to advertising, from law firms to medical practices, Asporea offers packages that will help you run your practice, clinic or business with precision, backed by our expert hosting support team.

e-Commerce is going from strength to strength in the digital market space today, so e-Commerce websites need to have the reassurance that the site is hosted on a stable and robust infrastructure, is able to handle high volumes of traffic, while remaining secure. This is why thousands of eCommerce businesses rely on us every day.

Running a successful digital agency means being able to scale your hosting to manage increased client demands. You need flexible self-service tools that allow you to upgrade your hosting instantly, at any time. Asporea provides instant upgrades and a support team who work around the clock to answer any questions you have along the way.

When your focus is building client websites, you need a partner who can help you keep things running in the background. We offer reseller hosting packages that allow you to build monthly revenue on a fast, reliable and easy-to-use platform that your clients will love. Upgrade your reseller plan at any time to get extra space and charge your clients whatever you wish. Asporea provides instant upgrades and a support team who work around the clock to answer any questions you have along the way.

In the media and advertising industry it’s about how quickly you can adapt your online presence, to keep content cutting edge and relevant. You need the software built-in that will help you to manage this content easily, quickly, and yourself. Asporea features industry standard content management software to manage your content and your hosting yourself, whenever you need to.


Whether you run one small business or many, Asporea provides options that will meet. your needs. All our small business hosting packages feature content management and blogging solutions built-in. So whether you are running a low traffic blog or an e-Commerce store with hundreds of lines, we can point you in the direction of hosting with the power and performance to help you reliably and securely grow your business.

Asporea knows the IT Service industry and the needs of IT professionals well. A solid and reliable presence online is critical. Our global data centres in Australia and around the world can host your applications and technology solutions regardless of the application. We can also support you with our Cloud Hosting professionals.

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Considering AWS Cloud?

Asporea Cloud is an experienced, local AWS solution specialist. We can help you plan, design, build and run cloud services supported by AWS-certified team members. We can be engineers and system administrators or supplement your growing team.