Asporea Hosting

Shared and Reseller Hosting Support Boundaries

Asporea Hosting’s shared hosting support exists to support those technical services required for delivery a customer’s website, web application, and to ensure that emails are functioning and operating correctly. We also help our clients understanding the fundamental aspects of connecting to the services we provide. Wherever possible, Asporea Hosting will support our customers within the support boundaries scope outlined below.

Asporea Hosting also has a Knowledgebase of articles to help clients to resolve the most common issues and we ask clients to use this resource to solve their issues and also understand the support boundaries we operate within.

Customers should open a support request, even if they think it may not be covered under our support boundaries. We will help where we can.

Scope of Asporea Hosting Support

The General Scope of Asporea Hosting Support is to:

  1. Ensure all server services(HTTP, Mail, FTP, MySQL, DNS, etc) are running as normal as per our standard shared server configuration.
  2. Ensure clients understand how to connect to their accounts via FTP, cPanel, webmail and know where to uploading their website files.
  3. Ensure clients have the configuration information required to connect email accounts, FTP, and Control Panels hosted on our servers.
  4. Understand the tools available to customers within the control panel and what the tools do if required.
  5. Ensure equitable access to support resources for all customers of Asporea Hosting.

Customer Responsibilities

Internet Training

Asporea Hosting does not provide training for internet technologies and concepts. A basic understanding of internet concepts such as DNS, Email, FTP and managing web applications is expected of customers.

Data Backup

Asporea Hosting maintains our own backups for all shared services, however the customer is responsible for maintaining their own backups of all important data. No guarantee is provided by Asporea Hosting regarding the availability, data integrity or successful restoration of any lost data. Where a customer would like to restore data to their account from our backups, restoration fees will apply per attempted restore.

Customer Support Contacts

Only defined customer contacts can open support tickets. Support requests must be submitted using the contact email addresses listed under the account. Customers can add and update additional contacts from their billing portal.


Customers who opt for Reseller plans are responsible for supporting their own customers. Asporea Hosting will not directly communicate with a reseller’s customer for support issues. If a reseller’s customer is having issues, the reseller should contact Asporea Hosting directly on their customer’s behalf.

Support Boundaries

The following tables list a variety of support scenarios encountered by Asporea Hosting support staff and provides an explanation of what will be supported.

Website Display

Query Supported Not supported
Updating website Provide login information via FTP or cPanel File Manager
Confirm upload location for cPanel
Upload and installation of website data*
except for website migration service (purchased or packaged)
Website not showing

Website Errors
Technical issues related to web server or underlying technologies

Diagnoses of folder permission issues, file placement, server security

DNS configuration where located on Asporea Hosting Servers
Diagnosing or fixing programming or code

Software that is incompatible with current server versions of security restrictions

Adjusting server security beyond shared server boundaries
Website not working ass expected Server components not functioning correctly

Diagnosing issues related to file or folder permissions, file locations or security that causes website errors
Diagnosing or fixing programming or code

Software that is incompatible with current server versions of security restrictions

Adjusting server security beyond shared server boundaries

cPanel Issues

Query Supported Not supported
Control panel access Ensure client knows the correct server ports

Ensure client is using the correct and secure URL.
Resolving DNS issues on third party DNS sites e.g. Cloudflare
cPanel functions not working correctly Anything related to the server not functioning correctly Bugs within the cPanel software - these will be forwarded to the developer but we are not responsible for the fix or timing of fix.
Disabled cPanel functions Enabling functions that are part of our standard shared hosting, where applicable and disabled unintentionally Enabling cPanel functions that have been disabled for security reasons or shared hosting restrictions.

Email Support

Query Supported Not supported
Basic email application setup Provision of documentation and instructions on configuring connection settings in supported email apps Assistance configuring unsupported email apps

Advanced usage questions related to any email application
Cannot send or receive email Providing the correct confirmation information

Checking DNS configuration on Asporea Hosting Servers
Issues related to client's Internet Connection

Issues related to externally hosted DNS, restrictions, configuration or equipment e.g. Cloudflare
Webmail Access Provision of access information

Ensure client has the correct URL

Issues relating to server component not working as it should
Issues specific to browsers

Issues requiring a browser upgrade

Internet connectivity issues on the client side

DNS Support

Query Supported Not supported
FTP Access and configuration Confirming correct FTP information

Answering basic questions about where to add configuration information to FTP applications
Issues relating to the client's network

Specific application level support for a client's FTP software

Backup and Restore

Query Supported Not supported
Backup requests Ensure client has details of backup tools available within the cPanel, or other backup hosting products available Setting up or writing custom scripts for installed web applications
Restores Restoring cpmove files from external web hosts

Restoring MySQL backups (fees apply
Restoring sites from external hosts not using cPanel except where services have been purchased

Website monitoring

Query Supported Not supported
Website downtime alerts or external monitoring services Creating announcements for current known support issues, published on Providing alerts directly to clients

Limitations and Exclusions

  1. For all desktop email and FTP configuration enquiries, Asporea Hosting will provide documentation or instructions for configuring the connection settings in one primary FTP or email account on one primary PC using one primary application from our list of supported applications above.
  2. All additional email or FTP configurations need to be performed by the customer or a third party support provider. This includes reconfiguring existing accounts setup with the assistance of Asporea Hosting that have ended up in a non-working state due to the actions of the customer or a third party.
  3. Asporea Hosting does not provide advanced application support such as teaching a customer how to operate an application or performing data exporting or importing to or from other applications or existing backups.