Transfer a Domain Name

Transfer your domain name to Asporea Hosting and benefit from having your hosting and domains all managed in one place. Take advantage of our easy transfer process, competitive prices and simplified billing and management.

Transfer your domain name today

When you transfer your domain name from your existing registrar to Asporea Hosting, you’ll benefit from our extensive domain management experience and a simple, single location to manage all your hosting and domains in one place.

Setting up your transfer is simple. You start by ordering a Transfer through us, and we do the moving part for you.

Transfers will generally take about 72 hours to complete from the time you request your transfer.  No changes can be made to your domain while the domain transfer is in progress, or for 30 days after transfer.

Once the process is completed we will let you know by email, and if there is a problem we’ll let you know why the transfer wasn’t completed.

Transferring Domains

There are some variations in the transfer process for various domains, so check the details below for your particular domain extension.

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