Asporea Hosting

Service Level Agreement


1.1 Uptime Guarantee – Asporea understands the need for businesses to have their hosted content online at all times. With that in mind, Asporea provides a network uptime guarantee for all hosted services.
For Asporea Managed Dedicated Servers, Managed Virtual Private Servers and Managed Cloud Servers this guarantee is 99.99% Uptime Availability. For Shared Hosting and Reseller hosting, the Uptime Guarantee is 99.9% Uptime Availability.

1.2 Customer Credit – In the event of Asporea not meeting this guarantee, The Customer will receive a credit that will be applied to the account based on the table in section 4.3 of this SLA.


2.1 Two Hour Replacement Guarantee – Whilst Asporea takes all reasonable steps to monitor and maintain the quality and functionality of the hardware it provides, from time to time hardware failures will occur. Upon receiving notification of a hardware failure via the correct support channels, Asporea will endeavour to replace the failed hardware within two (2) hours with the following limitations applying:

2.1.1 – It is at the sole discretion of Asporea whether individual server components or an entire server is replaced to resolve a hardware failure in the fastest and most practical way based on the situation presented.

2.1.2 – The replacement time-frame does not include the time required to rebuild any RAID arrays, restore any data, or return any hosted services to an online and functioning state.

2.1.3 – Asporea is not responsible for restoring data to a server and is not liable for any data loss experienced due to the hardware failure and subsequent replacement and data restoration process.

2.1.4 – Asporea is not liable for any loss of business or costs incurred to a business as a result of the hardware failure, downtime during replacement and data restoration, or any data loss experienced.

2.2 – Customer Credit: In the event of us not meeting this guarantee, The Customer will receive a credit equal to 10% of the base monthly fee (hardware only) for the affected service for each hour over the two hour guarantee up to a maximum of 50% of the monthly fee. This credit will be applied to the account in the form of an account credit.


3.1 – As not all events are within the control of Asporea and some events are caused by planned or necessary actions by Asporea, the following exemptions apply to this SLA. Asporea shall have no liability to the Customer (whether for Service Credits or otherwise) if an outage arises directly or indirectly from:

3.1.1 – Scheduled or urgent maintenance to the service, or to infrastructure used to access the service, being carried out by Asporea.

3.1.2 – Asporea acting on recommendations from third parties such as emergency services.

3.1.3 – Actions of The Customer or issues arising from applications installed by The Customer or by Asporea upon request of the customer.

3.1.4 – A breach of any of the Asporea Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy

3.1.5 – Failure that occurs to equipment or networks outside of Asporea’s control


4.1 Claim Timeframe – any claim under this SLA must be submitted to Asporea’s billing department within 30 days of the event occurrence.

4.2 Claim Verification – any claim will be cross checked and verified with Asporea’s monitoring applications.

4.3 Amount of Claim – Downtime totals and credits are calculated per calendar month. Click for details about our Uptime Guarantee

4.4 How Credit is Applied – Any credit payable will be applied to the account in the form of an account credit which will automatically be used for future invoices. Credits cannot be redeemed as refundable cash payments.