Asporea Hosting

Company Profile

About Asporea

Asporea is an Australian company providing quality web hosting for all needs, from individuals to corporations and everyone in between. With a particular focus on medium-sized business we provide trusted and responsive support. The hosting services we provide are scalable meaning that they grow with our client needs.


We are known for great service and reliable technology

Asporea’s scalable services a designed and run by our highly skilled team of technical resources – people who love technology and want to make it the best it can be for your customers. Our support professionals then help our customers get the best performance out of these services, and help us maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction that our customers rave about.

We have four service pillars that underpin our service at Asporea

  1. To deliver the best quality services, affordably.
  2. To listen and care about what our customers need
  3. To build long term relationships that stand the test of time
  4. To treat everyone as part of our family.

Asporea started in 2012 in Brisbane, Australia with local offices in Hong Kong serving our Asian customers. We are 100% debt-free, profitable, customer focused multi-national company with a strong history of reliable growth.

We are here to support you with quality hosting services that help you build your business online. Aligning to this purpose, Asporea offers not just hosting, but web design, business consultancy, domains and online marketing services to our customers across a number of brands.

Since our inception, we have continued to see rapid growth in this industry. Our focus is to build trust with our customers at every step. For this reason we offer products the right way, with clear pricing, no hidden fees and service to back them up. We don’t offer low prices, and unrealistic promises because we know that our customers will end up being disappointed. We offer right-priced products, and high quality professional support so that our customers know they are getting value for money.

Even as we grow, the largest proportion of our business comes from referrals from our loyal customer base. We think that the reason for this success is because of our relentless focus on our customers, and our high technical quality.

To give our newest customers confidence, we developed the Host with Confidence™ Guarantee which offers a money back guarantee on our hosting products – to ensure that you are happy with our products and our services.


Why Choose Asporea

We have more than ten years’ experience delivering websites, hosting and online services to customers across the globe, from the smallest businesses to large enterprise grade portals. Regardless of our size we can help you get to your goals with excellent support and guaranteed services.

We also guarantee:

  1. No extra fees, or hidden charges
  2. Our reputation for quality customer support
  3. Easy management tools
  4. Simple online credit card payments
  5. Low prices for quality service

Our customers are the reason we exist and our journey is focused on their success. We are continuing to build our services. Come and join us. Our Host with Confidence™ guarantee is our promise that you won’t be disappointed