Asporea Hosting

Asporea in the Community

Asporea continue to invest in the communities we work in. Here are some of the areas we contribute towards a better community.



We intrinsically understand the power of funding to help support the growth of small business to reduce the poverty cycles in developing countries. We have been partnering  with since 2009 to provide loans that change lives, focusing particularly on underdeveloped countries and the majority of our loans purposefully go to women entrepreneurs.

Kiva works with people all over the world to lend money to small scale traders, farmers, taxi drivers and more to distribute crowdsourced loans of as little as USD$25. Kiva’s micro-loans provide support where banks won’t – because the loans don’t provide enough profit.

You can read more about the projects we’ve funded on our Kiva page.

Trillion Trees

Our environment is crucial for our survival so that’s why we contribute to the Trillion Trees challenge regularly. So far we have contributed to the cultivation and planting of hundreds of trees, and each month this number grows.

Trillion Trees is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1979. Since then they have planted more than 15-million native trees to improve biodiversity, combat salinity and soil erosion. Sponsors like Asporea are part of this important work and you can be too.

You can also contribute to Trillion Trees – because 140 trees planted by every person on earth gets us to the goal of One Trillion Trees planted. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is right now.

Caring for the environment

The hosting you purchase from Asporea is actively contributing to carbon reduction through the planting of trees, reducing your overall carbon footprint from hosting activities and offsetting emissions.

  • We also do other things to promote a better environment
  • We have introduced and use solar power to reduce carbon pollution
  • We have a strong recycling and reuse ethos – reducing the plastic, cardboard and paper that ends up in landfill
  • We reduce paper waste by billing electronically
  • We use electronic vehicles where we can
  • We participate in social awareness causes like Earth Hour